Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Commissioners Comment, Nov 2009 #2

Commissioners Comment Nov 2009, #2

Washington County is offering a new recycling program and is planning to add more to its recycling efforts. Just in time for the holidays, cooking oils and greases are being recycled, for free, for County residents only. Landfill Director Cliff Engle talks about what the County is doing to preserve the environment through its solid waste and recycling programs.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Commissioners Comment, Oct-Nov 2009 #1

Commissioners Comment Oct-Nov 2009, #1

The Board of County Commissioners has adopted a Local Residential Construction Stimulus Plan, designed to help the flagging construction industry in the County by offering potential home owners incentives of about $10,000 to build a new home. Creation of jobs is the ultimate goal for the plan, and Permits and Inspections Director Dan DiVito talks about details of the plan, how excise taxes, permit fees and recordation taxes will be used to provide the incentives. DiVito talks about the downsizing of his department in light of the economic downturn.


Commissioners Comment, October, 2009 #1

Commissioners Comment October 2009, #1

October is Disabilities Awareness Month in Washington County, proclaimed by the Commissioners on October 6th. The Washington County Disability Advisory Committee celebrates its tenth year of service with an awards event on October 30th. DAC Chair Peggy Martin talks about purpose of the Committee, its activities and provides details on the awards event. Also featured: an overview of accessible parking for persons with disabilities, rules regulations and responsibilities.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Commissioners Comment, September 2009 #1

Commissioners Comment September 2009, #1

Washington County Maryland Director of Special projects Gary Rohrer will retire September 30th after 20 years of service to the citizens of Washington County. The County’s first Director of Public Works, Rohrer guided development and construction of infrastructure county-wide, from roads and bridges, to landfill and water utility projects. He talks about the major accomplishments of his tenure with the County and how he thinks local government will fare in times of state a federal budget cuts.

Time: 14:28

Monday, August 10, 2009

Commissioners Comment, August 2009 #1

Commissioners Comment August 2009, #1

The Washington County Gaming Commission has distributed over two million dollars to charitable organizations and Volunteer Fire and Rescue companies this year. Gaming Office Director Jim Hovis talks about this year’s fund, the application process, and how his office ensures accountability. The Gaming Tax is applied to “tip jars” and other amusements in the County and helps reduce taxpayer contributions to these agencies and organizations.

ALSO: Vicki Lumm is officially sworn in as County Clerk. The last time this occurred was 1981.

Run time: 14:53

Monday, July 06, 2009

Commissioners Comment, July 2009 #1

Commissioners Comment July 2009, #1

County Administrator Greg Murray talks about the Fiscal Year 2010 budget, and the difficulties of maintaining services without increasing taxes in this trying recession. Murray discusses the County’s conservative fiscal program, and outlines why Washington County was not in fiscal trouble as were many Counties in Maryland. Murray also talks about the County’s ongoing effort to improve the public information process thorough Commissioners meetings streamed live and archived on the internet.

Director of Special Projects Gary Rohrer reports to the Commissioners on the Edgewood Drive-U.S. 40 (Dual Highway) intersection project, set to get underway after 6 years in the planning and bid process. The project is being conducted jointly by the State Highway Administration, the County and the City of Hagerstown. Time 14:04

Friday, June 12, 2009

Commissioners Comment, June 2009 #1

Commissioners Comment June 2009, #1
On this edition of Commissioners’ Comment, the Washington County Agricultural Marketing effort at 1 year. In April 2008, Washington County created an Agricultural marketing specialist position, to assist farmers in selling locally produced goods locally, preserving the family farm and educating consumers on the benefits of local farm products. Leslie Hendrickson, Ag Marketing Specialist, talks about the mission of the office, how it has worked so far, and what’s on then horizon.

Norman Bassett reports on the County Commissioners’ Video on Demand. Viewers of commissioners meetings can now access any point in the proceedings through an agenda-based video archive system on the County web page.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Commissioners Comment, May 2009 #1

Commissioners Comment May 2009, #1

On this edition of the program, Washington County Recreation Director Jamie Dick talks about summer programs in the parks and in the recreation centers. Registration for programs is limited, and citizens are urged to sign up soon.

County Recycling Coordinator Harvey Hoch talks about new initiatives for Recycling that include Styrofoam packing material and insulation, kitchen oil and grease, and recycling of electronics. The ten-year plan for solid waste and recycling is being updated, and a series of public meetings will be held in May. New methods for recycling are needed, Hoch says, as the drop off bins in 16 locations county-wide are being overwhelmed with the volume of recyclable materials.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Commissioners Comment, April 2009 #1

Commissioners Comment April 2009, #1

On this edition of Commissioners’ Comment: Daily air service returns to Hagerstown Regional Airport with service to BWI-Baltimore.

Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski talks about how the Congressional delegation has worked to secure funding for airport enhancements and the return of daily air service. Commissioners’ President John Barr on the Senators’ efforts. Chair of the Hagerstown Regional Airport Commission Wayne Alter on the economic impact the service brings to the airfield. Cape Air President and CEO Dan Wolf on how his airline, the largest regional commuter airline in the U.S., will work with the Washington County community and the region.

Time: 14:20

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Commissioners Comment, March 2009 #1

Commissioners Comment March 2009, #1

Washington County Division of Fire and Emergency Services Director Kevin Lewis talks about the Basic Emergency Operations Plan, and the framework it provides for government and private agencies working together in time of crisis. Lewis talks about how addition of Charlie Summers, longtime City of Hagerstown Police Captain, as Deputy Division Director, will aid in accomplishing critical projects now underway.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Commissioners Comment, February, 2009 #1

Commissioners Comment February 2009, #1

Washington County Board of County Comnmissioners' President John Barr delivers the 2009 State of theCounty Address on February 3rd. Barr presents highlights of County accomnplishments in 2008, and talks about County fisval policies. Washington County's conservative financial approach has placed County government in a more stable position than others in the region.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Commissioners Comment, January, 2009 #1

Commissioners Comment January 2009, #1

In this program, Agricultural Land Preservation Planner Eric Seifarth talks about the $2.8 million in funding for easements approved by the state Board of Public Works from the FY 2008 cycle. 3 farms totaling 357 acres and 1 Rural Legacy farm in the Antietam area were approved .

Deputy Director of Public Works-Capital Projects Rob Slocum updates engineering reports aired previously.

A story on Christmas Tree recycling in Washington County.

Time 14:30