Friday, November 05, 2010

Commissioners Comment, November 2010 #1

Commieeioners Comment, November 2010 #1

If you drive on Washington County Roads you encounter bridges, large and small. There are nearly 300 structures ranging from a simple culvert to the five bridges spanning the Potomac and Washington County maintains 276 of them. Safe and well maintained bridges—a full time job for the Division of Public Works and its Division of Capital Projects-Engineering. Recently the Board of County Commissioners heard the bridge inventory and status report

Time: 13:50

Coimmissioners Comment, October 2010 #1

Commissioners Comment, October 2010 #1

October was Disabilities Awareness Month in Washington County and across the nation,—a time when citizens recognize the contributions of people who have disabilities make to society. The Disabilities Advisory Committee assists the Board of County Commissioners by assessing needs and recommending courses of action. Committee Chair Peggy Martin talks about that function and The upcoming 5-year needs assessment survey. Also—General Election information.