Thursday, January 21, 2010

Commissioners Comment, Jan10#2

Commissioners Comment Jan 10#2

2010 is a Census year, and Washington County is promoting a complete count of all citizens. Census records date from 1789, and are used to ensure accurate representation of Americans in the U.S. House. Commissioners President John Barr talks about local efforts, because “It Pays to be Counted”. Many sources of federal and state funding to Counties depend in accurate census numbers. Also, Co-Chair Sharon Disque talks about events to be held in the County and the cooperative effort by government, public agencies and the private sector to make sure the count is complete and accurate.


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Commissioners Comment, Dec '09-Jan'10 #1

Commissioners Comment Dec-Jan #1

Wasshington County's Emergency Services 9-1-1 Dispatch C enter is moving to new facilities, The move also conso0lodates County and Coty p;olice dispatch with Fire and Emergency Medical Services dispatch, making the operation more respponsive and efficient. Emergency Services Diredctort Kevin Lewis talks about the k9ve and what it will mean to citizensd of Wasjuington County.