Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stuart Mullendor Selected as Strategic Plan Coordinator

An April 2, 2013 Washington County Board of County Commissioners’ (BCC) decision approved the creation of a new part-time Strategic Economic Development Plan Coordinator position.  The position would be responsible for planning, implementing, and tracking project initiatives related to accomplishing the Strategic Economic Development Plan’s (SEDP) five specific goals outlined by the Hagerstown-Washington County Economic Development Commission (ED) and the BCC.     

The part-time, temporary position would earn $25,000 over a six-month period with the potential to earn a $5,000 bonus if the BCC determined all assigned tasks were successfully completed.

After an extensive search and review of nine applicants, the EDC Executive Committee decided selecting a candidate unfamiliar with the community, EDC Board, staff, and other community stakeholders could hinder progress in implementing SEDP priorities.  As an alternative, EDC Chair, Dan Pheil and Vice Chair, Ron Bowers recommended current EDC board member, Stuart Mullendore.

Mullendore, who has been instrumental in developing the EDC strategic plan, agreed to dedicate 20 hours per week and to serve in this position as a volunteer saving the County $25,000.  The BCC agreed that Mullendore’s knowledge and tenure on the EDC Board will assist him moving the plan info the implementation phase, thus they unanimously approved this recommendation.  

Mullendore has served on the EDC Board since 2007, and currently chairs the SEDP Committee. In addition to serving on the EDC Board, Mullendore is Vice President of Marketing and Special Services at HBP, Inc.